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  • Beat the market handily, we are right 4 out of 5 times on an average
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Industrial Grade AI

Only Wall Street's Billion Dollar Hedge funds have access to Industrial Grade AI and data infrastructure. They have a leg up over you. Now you can compete with them too. Arm yourself against the big guys.

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Explainibility is Key

Deep Learning has made amazing progress, but its predictions are often black box. How do we trust AI predictions? Using the latest research from the field of Explainable AI, we enhance our predictions with the 'Why'.

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AI Personalized for Your strategy

Do you trade only penny stocks, are you looking to buy only ETFs? Are you looking for profits in a short/medium/longer term? You can configure your strategy, and we use the appropriate algorithm and training data

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Save time, Let the Machine Work

Spending all your time pouring over technical indicators? Calculating technical indicators in your messy spreadsheet? Save time, rely on our AI to churn through these indicators and generate insights. Our AI can crunch through thousands of data points 24/7 better than a human can do.

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Machine Learning is better than Heuristics

Learning trading from youtube videos? Internet is full of trading advice based on heuristics that worked well, such as ABCD patterns. However, heuristics change with time, as the markets change. Machine Learning learns them from data, adapts itself constantly and are more optimal.

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We are Coming Soon

We plan to release our first version next month. A few chosen users will be given free access as beta testers. Sign up for our waitlist, and we will email you when we are ready.